Wheels Of Arabia and AXA Insurance-Gulf Signed Contract

May 19, 2015

Wheels of Arabia (WOA) tied-up with AXA Insurance Company to enhance a platform of strengthening the market choice, value and service.

Mr. Abdulrahman Almoayed, Director of Wheels of Arabia signed a 1-year contract to AXA Insurance Company on May 14, 2015 as the insurance facilitator for all two-wheels brand that is registered under Wheels of Arabia, Co-signed by AXA Country Manager Mr. Stephen Wagstaff.

The contract signing was held at Wheels of Arabia showroom located at Salmabad. Witnessed by Ms. Fairooz Al Asfoor (AXA Senior Business Development Mngr.), Mr. Sanjay Dubey (AXA Key Account Manager) and Mr. Saleh AlSaleh (WOA Brand Manager). The agreement showcases the usage of AXA system called E-Partner to generate a fast and convenient way of releasing insurance documents. A comprehensive insurance is applied for motorcycles and third party policy for scooters.