Salman Mohammed shows Bahraini values at Dakar 2020

January 8, 2020

Salman Mohammed shows Bahraini values at Dakar 2020

On day 3 of Dakar 2020, Team Wheels Of Arabia rider Salman Mohammed exhibited sportsmanship, Bahraini values and ideals.

Salman Mohammed started his special stage at around 8.30 am. He had a really good pace and came through the first checkpoint at 70th place.

As he continued the special stage he soon met up with his Dutch friend and teammate, Martien Jimmink.

The two of them teamed up to do the special stage and everything went fine until they came to a bump on the track.

Martien, riding in front of Salman, lost control of his bike and fell unconscious for a while. Luckily, Salman was able to stop immediately and rush to help Martien. Salman then decided to push the red button on his Irritrack system that allows him to make a voice connection with the organisation. Salman stayed with Martien until the helicopter arrived to fly Martien to the hospital.

Salman could have continued with his race after Martien’s fall but he chose to help his fellow rider.

Although Salman stayed with Martien for quite a while, he will get the lost time back from the organisation.

As Salman continued his way on the special stage he came upon Calle Bjerkert who was facing issues with his bike.

Calle is a Swedish rider who is also riding in the HT Rallyraid Husqvarna team.

Salman stayed with him for about 20 minutes trying to get the bike running. However, after some unsuccessful attempts, Salman decided to move ahead. Because of all the time lost, the cars were catching up with Salman.

As he was making his way to the finish of the stage he realised that the Dakar organisation saved the best for last.

Navigating became harder and the route became more difficult with lots of stones. After 389 kilometres on the special stage the organisation made the decision that the finish would be at kilometre 389, due to a technical issue with the GPS.

Salman completed this stage and showed he has the true Dakar spirit of helping one another if you can. After 77 kilometres of liaison, Salman arrived at the bivouac just before dark.

Salman came in at place 120 but the organisation will deduct the time that he stayed with Martien Jimmink.

Team Wheels Of Arabia was formed keeping in mind the vision of Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of promoting motorsports in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This vision was given gracious patronage by Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

Team Wheels Of Arabia has received tremendous support from various groups and institutions like Tamkeen, KFH, Diyar Al Muharraq, Spartan Fitness, CIDIMU group, SaluberMD and TDCS technology.

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