Eco Clean

ECO CLEAN is business of a waterless cleaning, polishing, disinfecting various different things, like cars, buildings, boats, motorcycles, heavy vehicles, residential properties and so many others.


Ecowash, is a waterless vehicles, motorcycles and boats cleaning and polishing that does not require water. Instead, we use a unique 2-in-1 clean and polish technique: our process uses an exclusive polymer compound which lifts the dirt from the surface of the paint and encapsulates it in a lubricant. The dirt is then removed with a soft cloth – all without water and without a scratch!


Ecotrade searches for the best eco-friendly cleaning and polishing products from different places and different brands that will clean and protect the items with no harmful effects to the environment. And easy for customers to purchase the needed product from Ecotrade.


Ecoserve is a full clean, polish and protection treatment for offices and residential properties, which is not just a wash, it is a polish which offers longer lasting protection than a traditional washing method.

For the various different type of cleaning, the cleaned item will look like new again and will stay that way for longer thanks to a protective coating which remains guard from the harmful effects of the environment.


Hoora, Kingdom of Bahrain | Tel: 17402922 | Email: hello@ecowash.bh | WhatsApp: 39769000