A waterless car wash & polish (Interior & Exterior)

Unlike traditional car washing processes, an “ecowash” does not require water. Instead, we use a unique 2-in-1 wash and polish technique: our process uses an exclusive polymer compound which lifts the dirt from the surface of the paint and encapsulates it in a lubricant. The dirt is then removed with a soft cloth – all without water and without a scratch!

Your car will look like new again and will stay that way for longer thanks to a protective coating which remains to guard your car from the harmful effects of the environment.

Ecowashing is a full polish and protection treatment, this is not just a wash, it is a polish which offers longer lasting protection than a traditional washing methods.

To keep your car protected and looking its absolute best, we recommend “ecowashing” every 3 to 4 weeks. You can set up a regular booking reminder with ecowash mobile or develop you own personalised ecowash protection (PEP) program to keep your car protected and looking great all year round.

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