Information technology is an integral part of the KAS environment. Upon formation, the company started working with various suppliers of products and services in the field. Today, KAS operates one of the largest APPLE Authorizied Premium Resellers in the Middle East.

iMachines has several outlets in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, with many more in the works. KAS’ dedication to technology is apparent from the way systems and processes are handled, and our expertise span over 10 years of catering successfully to the market.

The partnership with Apple began in 2001, which has flourished into a successful cooperation, resulting in Saudi Arabia’s first reseller in the Eastern Province and Bahrain’s first APR.


Head Office Bahrain: +973 17574334 | Seef Mall Bahrain: +(973) 17587177 | City Center Bahrain: +(973) 17580060 | info@i-machines.com
Al-Rashid Mall KSA: +(966) 138692121 | khobar@i-machines.com